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Korean general dae jo young

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The Khitan force under Chulin and Geom cannot block the Tang advance. Jo yeong doesn't tell Dae Jung sang at first, but in the end they reconcile and return to Goguryeo. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Follow us on. Li Kaigu survives and goes to Tang to become a commander, trading his own eye to show he would be loyal to not only Xue Rengui, but also Tang. Dan-ni is Suk-yeong's son so has the last Goguryeo royal blood while Geom has the blood of the Khitan tribe, through his mother Chu-lin; but Geom demonstrates unusual talent, leadership abilities, and intelligence.

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Go of Balhae

Cho rin is from the Georan tribe and she loves Dae Jo Yeong. I am waitin for this series from turkey. AZNtv is ahowing all episodes of this drama. I felt the acting was overdone and poorly directed, but it improved and it is very good and exciting. I think there is nobody subbing this drama…..
korean general dae jo young korean general dae jo young

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korean general dae jo young korean general dae jo young

Bridging The Gap Between Fact And Fiction

After the fall of Goguryeo to the Silla-Tang armies, Dae Jung-sang remained in a part of Goguryeo which had not been attacked during the 3rd Goguryeo-Tang war. Afterward, Geolgeol Jung-sang was opposed to the Tang. In the confusion of the Khitan uprising led by Li Jinzhong against the Tang Zhou in May , Dae Jung-sang led at least 8, Goguryeo remnant peoples, the Mohe people, [3] to Dongmo mountain, and the Mohe leader Geolsa Biu made an alliance and sought independence. Dae Geolgeol Jo-yeong integrated the armies of Goguryeo people and some Malgal tribes [4] and resisted Tang's attack. His overwhelming victory over the Tang at the Battle of Tianmenling to enabled him to expand his father's empire.
korean general dae jo young korean general dae jo young
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